What is an Online Casino

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The first casino, or ‘gambling house’ as it was then known, was opened in Venice, Italy in the 17th century. Gambling had long been a popular past-time amongst all echelons of society, but card games and the like were often played at home, among friends. The opening of these gambling houses changed all that, as aristocrats could now have a place to go where they could gamble against strangers and against the house!

Throughout the centuries, these gambling houses transformed into the traditional, land-based ‘brick and mortar’ casinos we now know today and, thanks to technology, these have recently migrated online – making gaming available to everyone with an internet connection.

There are now hundreds upon thousands of online casinos offering players the chance to game and win big money, all from the comfort of their own sofa, or desk, or bed! Gaming is more accessible than ever before and there are so many more chances to win! It’s a well-known fact that online casinos offer players better odds than land-based casinos do, so make the move, come online and let Online Casino Best help you choose where to play!

Online casinos offer all sorts of different games, from slots and video slots to table games and live casino games. They also each have their own bonus and promotion schemes, which usually include a substantial ‘welcome bonus’. These bonuses can include anything from free spins, to deposit bonuses and cashback. Depending on what sort of player you are, there are certain types of bonuses that will suit you better than others.

All in all, online casinos make gaming more accessible and more lucrative for everyone. So, let Online Casino Best help you find your new local!